As the UK practices social distancing, many will be looking for productive things to do to keep busy. That’s why, we have partnered with gardening expert and presenter of Gardener’s World, Mark Lane to set the nation a challenge. We want you to get in your garden for just 30 minutes a day for the entire month of May to give your garden a summer makeover. We’re calling it the Great British Garden Spruce Up!

Together we’ve created a downloadable planner with suggestions on how to spend your daily 30 minutes. We’ve got plenty of ideas that will make a difference, not just your garden, but also to your health and wellbeing too!

Be sure to share your spruce ups on social media using the hashtag, #JeyesGardenSpruceUp.

27 Rid your garden tools of rust
28 Prep your tools
29 Get rid of pesky weeds
30 Hunt down garden pests
1 Rake the lawn
2 Give the grass a trim
3 Give the lawn edges some love
4 Prune your plants
5 Feed the soil
6 Sweep the patio
7 Awaken the patio with a powerful blitz
8 Deep clean the garden table
9 Scrub down the garden chairs
10 Prepare for shade
11 Transform your seating with fresh cushions
12 Clean the fence
13 Varnish or add a lick of paint to the fence
14 Refresh and clean the shed
15 Declutter the shed
16 Decorate the shed
17 Use your Sunday lunch leftovers
18 Clean the garden pots
19 Jazz up the plant pots
20 Ready to repot
21 Grow your own herbs
22 Tidy your pet’s home
23 Make a garden sculpture with the kids
24 DIY a bird bath
25 Get down and dirty with the BBQ
26 Aim for squeaky clean windows
27 Downstairs windows and frames
28 Don’t neglect the back door
29 Brighten up the space with lights
30 Give your garden a final prep
31 Host your very own Great British Garden Party!


All round body workout
Great stress reliever
Good dose of vitamin D from time spent in sunlight
Helps combat loneliness
Growing your own fruit and veg for financial gains

Are you ready to rule your garden?

We encourage you to make the most of this time by taking part in the challenge and creating an outdoor sanctuary of your own.

Mark Lane, TV Gardening Presenter.


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